May 09, 2022

Happy Born Day, Ghostface Killah! (Playlist)

Ghostface Killah, born Dennis Coles, is a Staten Island rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan, known for both his work with Wu-Tang and his extensive solo career. Ghostface is known for his dense flow style, his stream-of-consciousness storytelling, and his emotive delivery. Ghostface was also the co-star of Raekwon’s critically acclaimed 1995 Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… album, and followed it soon with his own 1996 solo debut, Ironman. His 2000 sophomore album Supreme Clientele is widely regarded as one of the best Wu-Tang solo projects. Since then, he’s continued to evolve, from his gambino-themed 2006 album Fishscale, to his collaboration with BADBADNOTGOOD, 2015’s Sour Soul. Additional collaborative projects include Twelve Reasons to Die with Adrian Younge and the remixed Brown Tape with Apollo Brown, as well as The Lost Tapes with Big Ghost Ltd, Czarface Meets Ghostface and more. GFK's name is taken from the villain in the 1979 martial arts film The Mystery of Chessboxing. I've seen a resurgence from Method Man as of late, but it'd still be hard to argue that Ghostface had remained the most consistent and undeniably has the best ear for beats in the entire Wu-Tang Clan (why it's no surprise he was executive producer on 36 Chambers). The idea of doing a playlist of my favorite Ghostface verses and tracks gave me a panic attack; it's just too much music to (re)consider, so here's the next best option... and Happy Born Day, Ghostface!