May 27, 2022

Happy Born Day, Jadakiss! (Video, 2021)

Happy Born Day to one of the nicest MCs to ever breathe life into a microphone, Jadakiss. It's the nature of every lyricist and competitor to truly believe they are the best to ever do it. When Jadakiss released the album and campaign for #T5DOA, there was an arrogance to it that felt so New York. Then... Raspy became the undisputed King of Verzuz during this pandemic with his two wins against Fabolous -- as a solo artist -- and as the lead mic in The LOX, against Dipset. Against Fabolous his character and charisma stole the show - he utilized his catalog in a way that disrupted Fab's flow and his own drunk antic's made him a meme in the greatest use of the word lol. In the Dipset battle, the superior group won - the LOX proved that lyrics mattered, showmanship mattered, and that their legacy was their ability to play their respective roles. Jadakiss controlled that stage and put his name back in contention for Top 5, Dead or Alive. It was in the moment below that everything shifted, and even Fat Joe's "Yesterday's price is not today's price!" became legend. Remember it. "He's a dick, you pussy, y'all neighbors..." // Illustration above by the homie Toon Crew.