February 02, 2021

Rest In Peace, Ricky Powell!

Native New Yorker and self-described individualist, Ricky Powell made his living doing what he loved, since 1985... including photography, video, clothing, and just plain hustling - reluctantly. Thus his instagram name was @TheLazyHustler. His photography and unique personality are what brought him so many accolades and opportunities. He was humble and greatly appreciated everything that came to him. I had the honor of meeting him on countless days outside of Fat Beats, where he hung out with his camera and small transistor radio: observing, telling stories, and shooting photos of strangers in The Village. In all honesty, because I've probably said this before - the first few times we spoke, his personality rubbed me the wrong way - he was so all over the place; it annoyed the shit out me lol! But, his personality grew on me and the stories he'd share and his general spirit was truly humbling to be around. Ricky Powell helped capture the intersection of the birth of hip-hop, punk rock, graffiti, fashion and underground culture. He is undoubtedly one of the most important street photographers of any generation! At this time, I do not know the details of his passing, but I honor him and thank him for the stories he shared with me personally; allowing me to cover one of his art galleries; gifting me a poster, and for ALL of his contributions to Hip-Hop culture. Rest In Peace, Ricky Powell. For other prints, books, and a lot more information, click HERE.