February 07, 2021

Happy Born Day, J Dilla! (Playlist)

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the hip-hop producer J Dilla became something of a mystic, an oracle of warm, enveloping hip-hop and soul. He was a producer of earthy hits by Common and the Pharcyde, among others, and an extended producing partner of A Tribe Called Quest. But what J Dilla (Dilla for short) was truly revered for was integrity and vibration — a Dilla beat floated in almost ineffable ways (NYT). Dilla was born on February 7, 1974; he released his opus, Donuts, in February and passed away in February, as well - so it's no surprise that February is widely considered Dilla Month. Over the course of many years, I've shared numerous mixes, tributes, Dilla projects and other pieces of content. This year and today, specifically, I thought it'd be best to share a playlist with several of my personal favorite Dilla joints. I know there's so much out there that this could never be complete, but I hope you catch a proper vibe nonetheless. Dig into the archives and when you hear producers today, know that his influence will forever be felt and his music lives on through the best of them. Rest In Peace, James Yancey. Enjoy the playlist and I HIGHLY recommend reading this informative post from Detroit's own Hex Murda about Dilla... HERE.