February 14, 2021

DJ Eclipse on "Showoff Your Gems" (Video)

While I certainly recommend digging into D-Stroy's timeline to watch ALL of the episodes of his IG live show, Showoff Your Gems, the appearance of DJ Eclipse is significant to me because I do consider E to be one of my OGs. I've admired him for many years - how he broke into the industry; his successful run at both college radio and Sirius; his impactful roles at Fat Beats since its inception; Rock Steady Anniversaries; Wild Pitch; Non Phixion, and the list just goes on and on. Having worked with Eclipse at Fat Beats, I saw firsthand why he's called "The Senator" in inner circles, lol. If there's anyone with a stash of gems to showoff, it's DJ Eclipse and he comes insanely correct! The note to radio for "It Ain't Hard To Tell" off Illmatic made me wanna pick up the phone and ask for a scan, ASAP! Add to it content from O.C., the Arsonists, and all the stickers from legendary acts, and so much more... it's all here! The beauty of having a show like this is that it's so niche that really only the "heads" catch on, so props once again to D-Stroy for creating and hosting a show that speaks to us nerds of nostalgia, and truly represents a special segment of the culture. After watching, hit up the archives below for lots of additional content. Oh, and if anyone has the address to Eclipse's new storage, you can slide that in my DMs now!! You can follow more from D-Stroy right over HERE!