November 16, 2020

Supastition "Falling Apart" (Bandcamp Exclusive)

"Falling Apart" is the latest self-produced song by Supastition. The record is mixed by the talented X:144 and is a Bandcamp exclusive as a follow-up to their live interview and mixing session on Twitch. The track shows Supastition at one of his most vulnerable points on record, sharing: "Finally we got our finances secure / My wife gets cancer / Man some plans are cancelled for sure / She cried uncontrollably and I remember every word / Beggin' God if he could sacrifice my life instead of hers / I woulda gave it for the woman who birthed and raised my babies / No debating by the grace of the Messiah though she made it / Now I, got fifty thousand in medical bills ridin' me / My head is just filled with new stress and high anxiety..." Exhale, that's deep... Props to my bro Supastition for puttin' his life into the music, and inspiring listeners with each listen. Supa is currently working on his next solo project, so supporting this exclusive will help fund the project and other dope ideas for 2021. Listen to the full track below and watch the in-depth interview + mixing session HERE.