November 26, 2020

Elements Magazine Book (DJ Flipout & Jay Swing)

I've been waiting on the official drop and now it's here, the Elements Magazine Book! This limited edition, hardcover book will be the perfect addition to your library or coffee table! If you have original copies of Elements and saved them all these years, now you can revisit them without having to wash the ink from your hands. If you’re just finding out about Elements, enjoy this time capsule back to one of the greatest eras in music - '90's Hip-Hop - capped off with Dedos' Golden Era Icons series paying homage to artists from the late '80s and early '90s and those that came before them! The magazine's first publication was in May 1995 and - extending out of the CiTR station - ran until Winter 1996. DJs Jay Swing and “Flipout” (Phil Cabrita) had already established themselves at the station as hosts of “The Show” with Checkmate at CiTR every Saturday night from 6-8PM, before approaching station manager, Linda Scholten, with their idea for the magazine. The functioning core was made up of Flip and Jay — who handled everything from the editorial duties, the layouting, to the distribution — with AA Crew members, Dedos and Virus, who contributed the lettering and graffiti-style illustrations. Now, those behind Elements come together again to wrap things nicely into a book that collects all the little pieces to the magazine. If you've been following this site, I've already covered a few reviews from the original Elements Magazine days of the 90s, as well as some art from Nelson Dedos Garcia. Much respect to DJ Flipout and Jay Swing, order your copy of the book HERE, and some more background stories about Elements Magazine HERE.