November 06, 2020

Kuartz x Soles of Mischief "Ultimate Kuartz" (Instrumentals)

Drawing influence from the popular down-tempo grimey raw Griselda sound, the beats by Kuartz are dark and drum heavy, filled with gritty fills throughout. Laced with classic Ultimate Warrior coke and roid fueled promo rants, the whole tape is a big fat slice of moody nostalgia. The concept and physical packaging is done by the supremely talented, Soles of Mischief, who shares: "I’m trying to be the best in the world at this cassette shit ....salute to @mattkuartz for the inspiration and letting me do my thing ... Ideas are one thing but execution is another ... but I’m f#cking hype how these turned out!" 150 copies available via his Unofficial Official Label, which I'm always happy to support. There are a few options and bundles, all available HERE (... but they will sell out QUICKLY).

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