November 22, 2020

Phife Dawg "DollarCabOnLinden" (Mixed by Filthy Rich)

Few acts are lucky enough to reach the iconic status of A Tribe Called Quest, and that's exactly what Phife was... an icon. Not only in music, but in pop culture in general. DJ Filthy Rich was gutted to learn of his passing back in 2016. His music meant a lot to him growing up, as it did to all of us, so he had to celebrate his 50th birthday today in his own way. This project is also pays homage to Pharcyde's classic 'Labcabincalifornia', which also turned 25 this past weekend. There are already a bunch of ATCQ-themed tribute mixes to Phife, so Filthy Rich opted to go a different route and use Phife's solo LP 'Ventilation'. According to Filthy Rich, "I felt that Phife's flow matched up well with the soulful bounce of Labcab's production, courtesy of J Dilla, The Pharcyde, Diamond D, The Beatminerz, and M-Walk. So I fused the 2 together, and the result is 'DollarCabOnLinden'." Happy 50th birthday to Malik Taylor aka Phife Dawg aka The Funky 5 Footer aka The Trini Gladiator aka Phife Diggy aka 5 Foot Assassin aka Funky Diabetic aka Mutty Ranks! This mix is also dedicated to our fallen brother, DJ Spinbad. Rest in Peace! Props to Toronto's DJ Filthy Rich, his mixes are dope!