November 04, 2020

DJ Filthy Rich "Temples Of Boom" (25th Ann. Mix)

Toronto's DJ Filthy Rich is back with another tribute mixtape, celebrating 25 Years of Cypress Hill's 'Temples Of Boom'. It's a very gritty and hardcore album, possibly in response to the criticism they unfairly received after the commercial success of 'Black Sunday'. B-Real admits they were going through a troubled period in their lives, and it shows on this LP. The lyrics and beats are dark, sombre and haunting, and there's no 'radio' track to be found anywhere on the project. This is some of Muggs' best - and most underrated - work, says Filthy Rich. I'll admit, I didn't give this album a lot of attention at the time, for unknown reasons so this 25th Anniversary Mix is really walking me back through it with new ears all these years later. Let me know if the audio link goes down, please.

Below is the album review in The Source (12/95). 4 Mics...