October 14, 2020

Lugz Promo Commercials (1999-2001)

Lugz first made a name for itself in October of 1993, bringing its first line of boots to market, with the initial product consisting of two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans. Soon Lugz was endorsed by key players from the world of hip hop and continued to do so through out the years. One such collaboration led Lugz to breathe life to a whole new category of footwear with the introduction of the first ever celebrity-endorsed “Funk Master Flex” urban driving shoe. This was only the beginning as support then lead to a collaborative line with hip-hop superstar Bryan “Baby” Williams, aka “Birdman” with his own series of sneakers and boots. Seen as a money-grab throughout the industry, these collaborations looked funny in the light. Before that, however, there were numerous advertisements and collaborative commercials between hip-hop artists and Lugz. Some spots ran between around 1999-2001, and included artists like 50 Cent, De La Soul, Erick Sermon, Pharoahe Monch, KRS-One and Rahzel, among others. Pharoahe Monch rewriting "Simon Says" for Lugz always hurt my feelings, but I understood the business, lol. You can revisit those specific tracks below, but please don't take it too seriously, lol. Hopefully it doesn't get taken down.