October 17, 2020

Mic Geronimo "The Natural" (Elements Magazine, 1996)

Let's take it back to about 25 years ago... the place is Flushing, Queens; the man, an aspiring 19 year old MC named Mic Geronimo. "I used to rock at talent shows and shit, and then y'know, my man Irv had seen me one night and he said he had some studio time and did I wanna do a lil' demo." That was just the beginning for the now 22 47 year old MC also known as the Masta I.C. Geronimo got his name from one of his songs back in the day called "Microphone Geronimo" and the shit stuck. Signed to the young indie label Blunt Recordings, Mic released his debut album entitled "The Natural". Ironically, when he first shopped his demo record companies weren't interested so, like other hungry artists before him, he pressed up his own 12 inch. The idea was to create a buzz in the industry so record labels would take notice and the plan evidently worked. "Shit's Real" set it off for Geronimo. Not only did the single hook him up with a deal but it also became an underground classic. When asked where the funding came from for that first record all Mic had to say was "We just came up with the loot." Payin' dues... word up. - via Elements Magazine (March, 1996). As it's the 25th anniversary of the release of The Natural this year and Mic just did an interview with NORE and EFN on Drink Champs (an update now that it’s live), it felt right to revisit this classic LP from Mic Geronimo. Don't sleep on Kutmasta Kurt's Computamix to "Shit's Real", too. Look forward to hearing more about how Mic Geronimo's relationship with Irv Gotti went sour, life outside of music, as well as the new projects he's been working on. Meanwhile, revisit The Natural album below...

Mic Geronimo's Interview in Elements Magazine, March 1996.