October 09, 2020

Company Flow "End To End Burners" + R.I.P. Phase 2

"Company Flow is a group that doesn't care what anyone else is doing. They do their thing, regardless. You have to respect that. You have to respect their originality, too. Their style, sound, and delivery is ahead of its time. Company Flow have often been overlooked by American mainstream, but embraced and worshipped by European Hip-Hop fans. True, there are people out here that appreciate Co-Flow as artists. I am one of them. But I personally think this underground versus mainstream shit is so played. If your shit is proper, it is proper. I happen to be a graf artist, and I give props to them for reppin' for the graf writers. The End To End Burners video's visual's takes graf to a whole other level. It is animated graffiti. They even teamed up with Phase 2 for the cover of the single. Phase 2 one of the most talented, eloquent, political, and influential graf writers of all time. When props are due they're due." - Grafitorial. A moment of silence for Phase 2, who sadly passed away on 12/12/19. Lord Finesse shared, "Damn... This is crazy. R.I.P. Phase 2 (Graf Legend and Pioneer). Where do I begin here? I knew Lonnie since I was a kid. Unknown to most we grew up together in Forest Projects in the Bronx “same building... same floor” Building #965. I never knew he was a writer until I became an artist and was running into him in different parts of the world. Also known along with Buddy Esquire for creating the legendary Early Hip Hop flyers. I just knew him as my next door neighbor before that. We always got a good laugh about where art had taken both of us. Always proud of his iconic journey in the Graf world. Rest In Peace Brother!"

A copy of the Company Flow article is below...