October 03, 2020

Happy Birthday to Me (Est. in 1978!)

Another year around the sun! The way 2020 has been going, it doesn't feel much like a celebration, but maybe that's when we need to be most thankful - just to be breathin' is such a gift. Pulling some words from the homie Big Ghost, who shared this message (in part) on his born day "...Some of us got a destination in mind n some of us just keep goin until the tank is on E. Some take the time to refuel n check the map n make sure we dont miss the exits or go in circles n some mfs just be drunk behind the wheel n got mad passengers ridin wit em til they crash n burn.. Some think its important to keep ya eyes on the road lookin forward at all times.. but in actuality you NEED to look back in that rear view mirror every now n then to see what you passed by n what might still be creepin up on ya ass. Maybe you been holdin other mfs back or you need to get in the slow lane n shit. Ima be honest its mad hard to not keep goin wit this driving metaphor but I gotta wrap this point up before I run outta space yo.. Knowin I can go, just switchin a spare on the highway of life... Bottom line is MAYBE it really is about the love.. Not only the love you get but more important than that...the love you give back. I got a lot of love from you mfs again this year.. a lot of support for the art n just mad kind words n whatever. I try to express my gratitude to each of yall as sincerely as I can. So hopefully I did that. We all got 525,600 minutes before our physicals make another lap around that Sun so make them shits count. Anyways yo thats some food for thought... y'all do the dishes.. JAH BLESS (Dynasty Intro beat fades out)." - Big Ghost Ltd. Aside from me, Happy Birthday to Black Thought, Talib Kweli & A$AP Rocky. Thank you for all of the support. Cop something HERE.