June 22, 2020

PSA: The Hip-Hop Nostalgia Online Store

A shameless plug ... much thanks to all the readers and those of you who happened to stumble upon this site or the Hip-Hop Nostalgia online store. I've been blessed to have a healthy customer base since the store opened in July, 2018. I've done my absolute best to keep the site stocked with unique items and stuff that I really feel people would enjoy. At one point, I even had the DJ Premier Nike Air Force 1 Low sneakers for a lucky customer who was happy to cop them. Mostly, it's posters and pins; stickers and books - items of that nature. Anyhow, when I first posted about the store, I said how long it would stay open was really dependent on the support it received so for it to still be open in the summer of 2020 is a true testament to how y'all have held me down. The sudden passing of my mother was hard on me in 2018, but it was made just a lil' easier thanks to each of you. Thank you. The photos below are from a happy customer and the pic above was a custom bundle I put together for a Wu-Tang Clan fan. You can visit the online store HERE. Peace and Love.