June 17, 2020

Happy Born Day, Supastition! (Playlist)

Happy birthday to my dear friend and one of the most talented, genuine, and honest people I know, Supastition! I'm very proud of all the work that we've done together - multiple albums, EPs, shows, etc. When Supa drops, fans know they are gonna be treated to elite lyricism, hard-hitting production and messaging that reflects what he's going through, and who he is as a man at that time. There's no wavering in that and no dumbing-down. His latest EP, Sacrifice, speaks to that perfectly, and it's why fans and his peers alike gravitate towards him as a blue-collar MC making grown-up rap. To celebrate his born day, I put together a quick playlist of tracks that stay in constant rotation for me. Naturally, as Supa's manager, I have access to a ton of other records that aren't available yet, but this playlist should represent fairly well as-is. As more music is released, I'll go back and update this playlist. The past couple years have had many trials and tribulations, and in those times, he's shown that he is a one-of-a-kind artist and person ... I salute him for that. To me, his character is bulletproof! Happy Born Day, Supa! Listen below and ... let it bang in your boombox!