June 30, 2020

Jadakiss vs. Fabolous (Verzuz Playlist, 6/29/20)

Jadakiss and Fabolous battled it out - track-for-track - on the Verzuz platform last night (June 29, 2020). Having joined forces for their 2017 Friday On Elm Street project, and with their storied history reppin' New York, this battle was a win/win, no matter what - especially for fans! During the battle, Jadakiss spoke to being in the trenches and always feeling like the underdog, but - to me - he was the clear winner. Fab came through armed with his many hits, but Jada's extensive catalog tipped the scale - especially factoring in songs he wrote for Puffy. Jada also won over the crowd with his personality; calm (tipsy) demeanor and stories on tracks like "Can I Live," where he was adamant about letting it be known that the song was a Lox record, given to Black Rob when they got their freedom from Bad Boy. I put together the playlist from the battle - minus the Fab joint that's not on DSPs - so I we can relive the highlights from the battle at our own convenience. It'll be clear these are two of the nicest and most consistent artists to bring lyricism to the mainstream. While the Verzuz platform is still a bit of a mystery to me, I've enjoyed these battles, and do hope they continue. Listen below for nearly 3 hours of music ..... Did Jada take home the W?