June 09, 2020

Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Mecca and the Soul Brother" (6/9/92)

"Our positive must always outweigh our negative, in everything we do, that's our philosophy," declares C.L. Smooth. That is the essence of Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's first full-length album, Mecca and the Soul Brother -- eighteen songs that offer hope as well as reality, education and entertainment. Mecca is at once streetwise and effortlessly complex, brimming with an intricate, wide-ranging and highly developed musical talent. "The record explains what we're about, what we stand for," says C.L. "We stay hardcore, we stay on the street. We hit it with the basics -- the beats, the rhymes, the scratches." - Press Kit, 1992. Bonz Malone said in Spin Magazine (10/92), "These guys kick schitt that's not only real, but something you can play over and over. This album is a message to tha black man. Cuts like "Straighten It Out" and "Soul Brother #1" undoubtedly show the "Anger in the Nation," whether it'z here or over where you at. By now everybody should have this album -- if not, then get yo ass in tha shop and boost it!" I've said it before - probably a few times - I had the pleasure of doing several shows with them out in Europe in 2010 for a reunion tour where they performed the majority of Mecca and the Soul Brother every night - flawlessly! One of the most important groups of my generation; the soulful combination of Pete Rock & CL Smooth is as timeless as music gets, so celebrate it today as it was released on this day in 1992. Click the archives below for album reviews, anniversary mixes, videos and more about the LP!