March 09, 2018

Jeru The Damaja + Nas + @ILLstrips

A quick big-up to the homie @IllStrips on IG, definitely a big fan of the work. If you are on Instagram, give a follow and support the independent art. On, but off, topic ... it's a disappointment that back in the 90s, we didn't get Nas & Jeru The Damaja tracks with production from DJ Premier. It's not a reach (is it?) - maybe I don't know the climate behind the scenes between them. Jeru had "Invasion" off one of the New Jersey Drive soundtracks, which sampled Nas' voice from "It Ain't Hard To Tell," but I blank to think of anything else. I wonder if The Fugees played a role, Jeru surely dissed the shit out of them at a later point. Nas had toured with them as label mates, that mighta made it difficult, but I dunno ... just thinking aloud. Another interesting parallel, Nas had AZ on "Life's A Bitch" off Illmatic and Jeru The Damaja had Afu-Ra on "Mental Stamina" off Sun Rises In The East -- neither artist was very feature-heavy in their projects anyway. Rap nerd stuff.