March 15, 2018

Eternia & MoSS "To The Future" (Video)

It took me a year to listen to “To The Future.” It was the one song I was going to listen to just as the fans would experience it on the day of the “At Last” LP release. Those plans changed when the test presses arrived and I was tasked with clearing them for final pressing. I sat - alone - in a back office at Fat Beats warehouse with tears in my eyes; sad ... angry ... but mostly humbled by E’s strength to put her life on the page so openly/vulnerably for the world to see. I have no words to express how that impacted/impacts me. When we decided almost a year after the release of At Last to make To The Future the 3rd and final video, we knew we needed to attach it to an organization that would help us raise awareness and offer an outlet for those with similar experiences to get help. Kids Help Phone in Canada stepped up and agreed to partner with us. MTV News gave it a nice push, then we took to the red carpet at the Juno Awards and continued to raise awareness with many established outlets who felt the messages of sexual assault, domestic violence, gun violence, and more in the song/video. Eternia 1st performed the track at Southpaw in Brooklyn with her live band to an applause that felt... more gratifying than almost any other show.

A shout out to MoSS, who crafted the perfect gut wrenching beat and knowing that perhaps only Eternia could touch it, then stood proudly by her knowing the content would be hard for some to hear. It’s his favorite song and it was MoSS who said we needed a video. Salute that man, he wasn’t always easy to work with but he had a vision and he saw it through. Erica Shallow who directed the video and brought visuals to life. Amazing! Julia who did E’s make up; she brought E’s natural beauty out and the clothes were by Married to the Mob. I have to accept that maybe in my role I failed a bit because I’m sure many of you never heard this song - as much as we did and as much as we tried to get it out there, there was a glass ceiling & I never quite got thru it. It’s not too late tho! The message is as strong today as it was when E wrote, recorded, and made the video. Every 90 seconds...! The official video was released on this day in 2011 via Fat Beats Records, watch it below...