March 30, 2018

The AK's "Laws Of Attraction" (EP Stream)

The AK's (Absoulute Konquest) is a young duo from Queens, New York; formed by Izrl and Horus. With fresh production by Philanthrope, Tusken, 2Late, Jahshoota, and Tides, the 6-track "Laws of Attraction" EP has a nice blend of Jazz and Hip-Hop with the young Queens spitters providing introspective lyrics, similar to the sound coming out the Don't Sleep Records camp. Thinking back on how quickly time flies, the 22-year old MC reflects, "My head was in the clouds and it was not in them books / bumpin' Mobb Deep's while peepin' all these halfway crooks." A dope introduction to The AK's, the project is available on vinyl through Germany's Radio Juicy label. Dig into the EP below.