March 27, 2018

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen (3/19/94 w/ Da King & I)

There are dozens of classic radio uploads on DJ Eclipse's mixcloud page, and while all of them are dope, I know I'm just not gonna be able to sit through all of them any time soon. So, I'm handpicking, and the logic for this pull is the interview with Da King & I; as fans of Izzy Ice & DJ Majesty, it's nice to be able to go back and listen to old interviews like this. As Eclipse says, Da King & I "also brought up Duo Die (Free & Sid) who now go by Duo Live - veterans of selling CDs in front of Fat Beats. Funny enough, Izzy also shouts out Strictly Roots, who were in the place late from missing their spot on The Awesome Two's show. The Da King & I interview is at 26:34 and a freestyle with Iz and Free is at 52:18, carefully time stamped by Eclipse himself. Great work, check out his page!