December 23, 2018

House Of Pain "Video Press Kit" (1992)

This is the video press kit from House of Pain for their debut album in 1992 on Tommy Boy Records. House of Pain consists of Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal. At the time, Fine Malt Lyrics was one of the most popular albums and spawned one of the biggest rap hits ever with "Jump Around." Danny Boy describes their music as "drunken, street-fighting rhymes." Everlast explains that the name House of Pain was a reference to jail, but that his personal view of what House of Pain means is, "It's my head; it's my House of Pain - it's where everything goes on with me." He adds, "Life is pain and anyone who tells you different is selling something." Later, they discuss their individual roles in the group, then shift to how Everlast and Danny Boy met at Taft High School in Los Angeles, California. In '92, their hope was that fans would judge them based on the content of the music only. To me, Fine Malt Lyrics and Same As It Ever Was were both classic albums with a ton of great records on each of them. The video also features a brief appearance from B-Real of Cypress Hill.