December 27, 2018

Storm Troopz Corps "Basick Trainin" (Vinyl, 1998)

This one has been circulating since my first blog in the mid-2000s, but guess how much new information I have about this release? None! It's not talked about much, nor posted too heavy online, which is unfortunate. That said, Storm Troopz Corps independently released "Basick Trainin'" on 12" and cassette single in 1998. It's not a flawless record, but the Full Metal Jacket intro and the hard beat always caught my attention. The tape and vinyl include dirty, clean and instrumental versions of "Basick Trainin" and the vocal version of "This Is War" on the B-Side. I couldn't dig up the 12", but I'm filing it under "Vinyl" because it fits with similar 90s gems in that section of the site.