December 14, 2018

Swizz Beatz x Nas "Echo" (Video)

Nas is in my top 3 MCs of all-time, but I was only willing to give "NASIR" two full listens before deciding that it just wasn't gonna grow on me. I've shared my thoughts on how it turned out, most of my criticisms falling on the post-production work by Kanye West. It's because of tracks like this Swizz Beatz and Nas collaboration, "Echo," that Nas can drop a poor project and still be championed as one of the greatest MCs of all-time. This is classic Nas: "We was Times Square pioneers, 40 deuce, 40-below boots / 40 ounce brew, the true Bishop from Juice / Runnin' wild, loose, me and my 40 troops were stupid / Style, it was snorkel coats, Polo gooses, ruthless..." Can you see it when you hear it too? I don't post many loose videos, I'm an album-minded fan and I like album-minded artists, but while I have very little interest in hearing a DJ Khaled album or a full Swizz Beatz album, when they feature Nas, I'm tuned in for THAT. No shade... I don't need to be at - or tune in to see - Nas and Kanye West's private listening in Queensbridge or accept an invite from Mass Appeal / Epic Records to see a private viewing of the "Echo" video, I just wanna hear it and enjoy it like a fan. Give me a 45 of this, and you'll have my $$$, but it'll take more to get me to cop the full-LP.