December 20, 2018

Mic Geronimo "Shit's Real" (Video)

In a lineage of eMCees we've championed over the years, Mic Geronimo had a very dope run in the 90s. "Shit's Real," "Masta IC," and breaking features for artists like DMX, Jay-Z, Ja Rule and more solidified a position for him between his peers. Some tough decisions - perhaps based on his own loyalties or career plans - made him fall back from music, but he appears to have stood on his own principles, and his footprints are still felt on the golden era playlists of any true DJ and fan of hip-hop. When Steve Stoute went on the ledge and threw shade in his direction for how his career turned out, Mic Geronimo was quick to set the record straight about how he owns his own business and continues to live a blessed life, on his own terms. Mic's name popped up again in the Dame Dash vs Funk Flex beef, where Flex attempted to declare that if it wasn't for Def Jam, Jay-Z's career woulda went the way of Mic Geronimo. Where's all this shade coming from? Flex, you're reaching. Let me just say in case I haven't said it before, someone else's definition of success is subjective -- don't project your views and definitions on another person, you come off sounding crazy! Sure, Irv has definitely done incredible things in and for hip-hop, but that's not to say that the falling out between him and Mic Geronimo was anything less than a difference of opinions or perspectives. Some people don't mix and fame isn't a drug every artist can handle. Let that man live on his own terms. We wish him the best over here. Now, back to the music... follow him HERE.