October 30, 2017

Big Daddy Kane "Taste Of Chocolate" (Tootsie Roll Promo)

"Big Daddy Kane gave one of his most consistent efforts with Taste of Chocolate, his third album. Kane not only had first-rate technique and rhyming skills working to his CD's advantage, he also had quite a bit of excellent and varied material to choose from. Though he still spends too much time bragging about his microphone skills, such hard-hitting numbers as "Mr. Pitiful" and his sobering "Dance With The Devil" show just how substantial he can be. This time, Kane is joined by a number of distinguished guests, including Barry White (who is typically charismatic on the rap ballad "All of Me"); Malcolm X's daughter Gamilah Shabazz (with whom he duets on "Who Am I") and the raunchy comedian Rudy Ray Moore. When Kane and Moore exchange insults on "Big Daddy Vs. Dolemite" things get outrageously entertaining." - Alex Henderson // Taste of Chocolate was Big Daddy Kane's first album to go gold, reaching #33 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the R&B chart. According to Chuck D's This Day in Rap and Hip-Hop History, it was released on this day in 1990. Listen HERE and check out the promotional 13" tootsie roll that was released in 1990 along with the album.