October 05, 2017

Jedi Mind Tricks "Before The Great Collapse" (2004)

"Before The Great Collapse" was released in 2004 by Jedi Mind Tricks on their fourth studio album, Legacy Of Blood on Babygrande Records. The track is essentially a suicide letter from Vinnie Paz to his mother. The song is the first single performed solely by Vinnie Paz and was followed up by a response in "Razorblade Salvation" on their Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell album. Stoupe's production and sample choices match the melancholy vibe of the song to near perfection. The chemistry between Paz and Stoupe on record was always palpable. I know there are fans that can directly point to these songs as the reason they are still alive today - that's the power of music. JMT's cult following was the one of the strongest in music at one time. If you don't believe me, click through and take a look at the comments below the audio posted below! These days we have 'emo rap' as a full-on-genre, but back then, it was just MCs being transparent and speaking their truth on the highs and lows of life outside of music. Music has always been therapy and ironically, many of our greatest artists have been the most tortured souls. Happy (40th) Birthday to Vinnie Paz!