October 29, 2017

Pharoahe Monch "Evolve" (The Source, 1995)

"The majority of us don't even recognize that Amerikkka is outgrowing its need for our generation. Now, some might say Amerikkka has used us enough. True, but with the numerous, recent government attacks on welfare, senior citizens aid and educational programs, we at least need to be more useful to ourselves and our families. When your world is encompassed within a six block radius, you are limiting your knowledge to that circumference. If in this psychological circle around your being, you find total paradise as such - $10 for weed, $1 for Phillies, $2 for a 40 oz. and $3 for chicken wings and pork fried rice - you are indeed living a shallow existence monetarily and spiritually. As MCs, we have a definite voice of power. Our words will be forever immortalized on vinyl, tapes, CDs, etc., for generations to peep beyond our own existence. No, it is not every MC's responsibility to bring wisdom to the light because creativity shouldn't be limited to just teaching. However, if you possess the ability to open someone's eyes, move masses and expand their world but you refuse to, then you have forsaken your gift from The Most High. As it stands now, our industry does not reward intellect over ignorance, especially when the negative influences are a billion dollar commodity. The youth have to reach out for more and demand better from life and art. If we don't, our culture will implode - growing smaller until we ultimately cease to exist." - Pharoahe.