June 18, 2017

Nine "When The Shit Hits The Fan" (12", 1996)

Nine Rapper Bronx

"Boogie Down major like Nine..." This is a white label 12" from '96 by one of the Bronx's most vocally recognizable MCs, Nine. Born on 9/19/1969, Nine played a big role in the sound of the 90s - his certified classic 'Nine Livez' and the people's choice 'Cloud Nine' were played until the tapes popped. Getting an early start on records with The Masters of Funk and Funkmaster Flex, his voice was destined be heard as a solo artist. It's a shame that label issues at Profile/Arista got a hold of him, because new artists were ushered in sporting his style ('A lot of rappers wore my style like an overcoat') and we started to hear Nine less and less. That said, his latest project, '1999,' was released last year on Smoke On Records, so he's still out here making strong moves! Taking it back to 1996, the full 12" for 'When The Shit Hits The Fan' is available to stream below, def give it a listen...