June 07, 2017

Defari "Bionic" (The Source Review, 6/97)

"With last year's arrival of the gruff-voiced LA paparazzi-dodger Xzibit, the Alkaholiks crew expanded its rhyme cipher by one talented newcomer. The single debut of Defari heralds the arrival of another. Independently released on Bay Area rap radio luminary Beni B's ABB Records (510-419-0936), "Bionic," avoids the jovial bounce of the Liks' lush-ous abandonment, but nonetheless impresses via an underground blueprint that forcefully balances aggression and eccentricity. Producer Evidence infuses "Bionic's" immaculate conception of the advanced MC with reverb-soaked snares, a melodramatic piano figure, and Alkaholik E-Swift's scratched-in Raekwon-interjections ("Lock Shit Down!" from Wu's "7th Chamber"), all of which bring more than ample hardware to the iced-grills of MC Steve Austin-wannabe-challengers. Defari's idiosyncratically administered, Ultra-esque declarations of hip-hop chastity ("Handle this / Make you believe like an evangelist / That real MC's are coming to reclaim Los Angeles") add another gratifying dimension to the Likwit Camp's ever-evolving aura ... Make room, motherf#ckers." (Sure Shot Singles, The Source (6/97). Video below.