June 26, 2017

"Tribute To Erick Sermon" (Mixed By DJ Psycut)

Founding member of EPMD and Def Squad, Erick Sermon aka the Green Eyed Bandit is a legendary Producer & MC from Brentwood, Long Island. In my opinion he’s always been the funkiest producer on the East Coast. Through his records, I became interested in P-Funk, Zapp, Johnny Guitar Watson, to name a few. On this tribute mix I wanted to pay homage to the 3 main phases of his career. The explosion of EPMD in the Golden Era, his productions for Redman and K-Solo. He made countless remixes, productions, appearances on classic and more slept-on 90’s Rap & R&B joints. The early 2000’s changed production styles slightly but the funk & soul was always there, as evident on his more recent solo work like the Marvin Gaye sampling Just Like Music." - DJ Psycut