Sunday, April 16, 2017

Coming Soon: Samplers, Snippet Tapes & More Mixes

Coming soon .... lots of cassette rips of old snippet tapes, samplers, and mixes. I don't have a great set-up to do it so it'll be pretty standard -- unless someone has some pro-audio suggestions on low-budget equipment -- but it'll work. Above are just a small selection of tapes I've put aside for a day when I'll actually start working through ripping them digitally. Depending on the length, they will either go up on MixCloud or Audiomack. If anyone has any old cassettes they'd like to contribute or old mags (Blaze, HHC, Rap Pages, Stress, etc), definitely hit me up about it. I've got a nice collection to work from, but there's always more to find - especially internationally, so let's talk. In the meantime, I'll keep posting content that has spoken to me over the years, as well as material that may in the future; I hope it resonates. Any suggestions, hit me in the comments.