June 15, 2016

Mr. Voodoo "Lyrical Tactics" (The Source, 6/96)

"If you were to ask the Natural Elements crew 'how many mics have they ripped on the daily?" they probably wouldn't answer, 'cause the numeric system doesn't go that high. This crew of multi-talented MCs have been the underground's best kept secret since the word "slept-on" was invented. Members L-Swift, KA, Charlemagne, newly inducted A-Butta, and of course the infamous Mr. Voodoo, have been making noise on your local underground station for quite some time now. Now the principal of the squad, Mr. Voodoo, comes equipped with his first for-the-public single, Lyrical Tactics." On top of being selected as a "Sure Shot Single" in The Source, Mr. Voodoo's also received "Hip-Hop Quotable" for lines like "See I been dumb lyrical / Ever since they cut my umbilical / So me being wack? / That's non-applicable / A phony rapper's card I'm quick to pull / Rap is filled with despicable MCs that speak the same old predictable..." Listen to "Lyrical Tactics" below, cont'd ...

"Laced with a neck-breaking track from up and coming beat master Charlemagne, Mr. Voodoo doesn't miss a line with his contemptuous flow, mating proper lyrics and clever punch lines that speak volumes on their own: "I'm still the physical, mystical, artistical, individual, making you run your residuals, I'm maximum you minimal..." It's a relief to hear talent like Mr. Voodoo extend towards the outer limits and display the definition of a real MC. To all new students, go home and read side a & b for homework. This month's lesson is Natural E=mc." - The full Source review is below. (Updated)