June 20, 2016

Co$$ "Before I Awoke" (Album Stream, 2011)

"Long on the humble rise through the mixtape world, with notable verses gracing the efforts of esteemed affiliates Blu, Exile and Seen along the way, Cali representative Co$$ finally slips into his own prime time slot with stellar debut long player Before I Awoke. Showcasing an equally impressive penchant for free-flowing battle rhymes and thought-provoking message raps, the seasoned wordsmith bristles with character as he transitions from the slicked-out mind trips and on-his-grind lyricism of the early going to more pointed discussions of life's meaning and faith on cuts like "What It Is?" and "No Allah." The accompanying team of multi-stylistic beat smiths, among them Fonetik Simbol, Chief and the aforementioned Exile, deliver a no less inspired sonic component, carrying the groove from the modernized West coast funk and electronic chaos of "Da Meanest" and "10-4," respectively, to the late night jazz of "Pot Ash" and broken heart ode "Love Is." The resulting word-sound combination makes for a solid listen, revealing yet another left-coast MC worth watching for." - Exclaim. Released on this day 5 years ago, and it still sounds great!