June 01, 2016

Kaotic Style "Get In Where You Fit In" (12", 1995)

You can believe that in 1995, there weren't any Hip-Hop records from Nervous, Wreck, or even Weeded Records that I would pass on purchasing - it didn't matter if I'd heard it or not. Their brand was teflon. Enter Kaotic Style, who I hadn't heard of before I cop'd the 12" to "Get In Where You Fit In." At the time, I assumed Kaotic Style was an MCs name, instead Kaotic Style were two brothers: Scram & Big Grand from Brooklyn, NY. With the heavy, almost anthemic self-production on the track, it was a catchy AND had a lot of knock to it. How I'd missed their previous releases or joints after points back to the fact that it was released on a label I was familiar with or else - short on money - I wasn't able to take a lot of gambles on vinyl at the time, lol. There have been rumors that "The Diamond And The Rough" LP described above in Hip-Hop Connection - which came out split between tracks on the vinyl and cassette as "A Diamond In Da Ruff" - will soon see an official reissue on vinyl and CD. I'll keep an eye out for that, meanwhile listen to the 12" below.