June 23, 2016

Anti-Lilly "Memoirs & The 90s" (Album Stream)

Today, on the 3rd anniversary of its release, I am revisiting Anti-Lilly's incredible mixtape, "Memoirs & The 90s." When I first heard it, the content and delivery of this project hit me in a familiar, but indescribable way ... I hadn't felt that particular feeling since Jonathan Kim hit me an advance copy of a then-unknown group and album back in '07: Blu & Exile's "Below the Heavens." I mean that wholeheartedly and to me, there isn't a greater praise I could give an artist, as "Below The Heavens" is thee single best album to be released post-2000, in my eyes. I could hear the talent, the catharsis, the room for growth; and I was sold. I've since spoken to Anti-Lilly online and he's a good dude, definitely someone to support and I think his contributions to music will be felt by those who seek it out. Hit up the tags for more music, especially Stories From The Brass Section with Phoniks.