June 14, 2016

Nine "Whutcha Want?" (Press Release + Video, 1995)

"Coming from the core of hip-hop, the Boogie Down Bronx, Nine delivers his long awaited solo debut single. Formerly known as Nine Double M, he has since dropped the Double M and is now known as Nine. "I was born in the ninth month on the nineteenth day on the year sixty nine, so nine is my cipher," he says. Nine is being billed as "The Number One Contender" since he is going for the hip-hop title with his champion style. Nine has the deepest and grungiest vocals in rap. He first flexed his skills to a national audience for Nervous Records on the underground classic "Six Million Ways To Die" with his then partner Funk Master Flex. Now he has teamed up with his long time producer Rob Lewis of Fed Productions to make his current singe "Whutcha Want?" as well as a debut album coming out in early '95. "Whucha Want?" is a lethal combination of a smooth track with plenty of strings which compliments Nine's rough and raspy vocals. Nine's vocals are rough but he has also has a hilarious sense of humor that comes through in his lyrics. The B-Side of the single, "Redrum" uses a hook from Steven Segal's "Marked For Death" where the dread says "Everybody want heaven but them nah want dead." The track was produced by Tony Stoute for Dead Presidents." - Press Kit, '95.