January 03, 2015

uMaNg "The Black Rose Certificate" (Album Stream)

"My rhyming equivalent to an And1 mixtape baller." With two full-length albums already under their belts that garnered them buzz in the underground ("Lasting Impressions" & "The Revisited"), New Jersey originated emcee Umang, reunites with Swedish producer B.B.Z. Darney ("The Boom Bappin' Zombie"), to complete their trilogy of albums with their label debut on III Adrenaline Records entitled, "The Black Rose Certificate." Shortly after inking a deal with the label, the next eight months would find Umang & B.B.Z. embarking on a musical journey that would result in their most personal & brutally honest record to date. Over the course of 14 tracks, the duo sonically stick to their traditional "boom-bap" roots, whilst also bringing sounds that range from "darker" to "aggressive," to even more "melancholic." Please stream the project below & peep the back catalog!