January 30, 2015

Gang Starr "Moment Of Truth" (The Source, 1998)

"This is the record that hip-hop purists who have been tired of the artform's commercial tendancies and lack of creativity have been savoring for. Amazingly, the king of monotone MCs, Guru, and his incomparable producer, DJ Premier, have with their fifth album created not only this year's finest release thus far, but arguably the group's greatest work ever. The unmitigated brilliance that's displayed on Gang Starr's Moment Of Truth is, at times, indefinable. While their previous four albums all had moments of splendor, Moment Of Truth is one continuous highlight after another... After a few mind-altering listening experiences, you'll soon realize that DJ Premier, in his prime, has delivered his most resplendent work for the group... Thankfully, his partner Guru has also stepped up his game. Sounding almost born-again, the eternal ill kid never slips in delivering vital messages to today's youth. Throughout the LP, he juxtaposes hip-hop's ills with society's ills; meshing his personal drama with his professional distaste for artists he feels have disrespected the sacred sanctity of hip-hop music..." Revisit Gang Starr's "Moment of Truth" album + review cont'd below...

"Downright nasty are the selections where a diverse group of artists join the festivities. Inspectah Deck breaks atoms on "Above The Clouds;" M.O.P. pledge their devotion to each other on "B.I. vs. Friendship;" Big Shug and Freddie Foxx emerge like Black supermen on "The Militia" ... More importantly, however, are the two collaborations where Gang Starr test their artistic boundaries. On their current single "Royalty," R&B bad boys K-Ci and Jo Jo croon along with rap's ghetto gold champions, while the New York-based straight talkers merge with H-Town's beloved Scarface for "Betrayal," a story-telling tale of the dangers of disloyalty. Always staying true to the game and proving that there is no limit to their appeal, Gang Starr has with Moment of Truth delivered the antidote to hip-hop afflictions. Never wavering in the eye of the storm, hip-hop's purveyors of the underground have risen like true champions. Victory is theirs." - The Source, 1998. 4.5 5 mics.