January 07, 2015

Redman "Dare Iz A Darkside" (The Source, 1/95)

"Dare Iz A Darkside is an explosion from the Funkadelic Devil that attempts to capture the suspended time between life and death. To do this, Redman picks up where he left off with his debut and unleashes more hot "cosmic slop" to relieve us from the same monotonous funk everyone claims to possess. The creepy, sinister sounding "Noorotic," one of Redman's many buddah sessions on wax, sets the tone as Mr. Noble expresses his inner feelings on the music industry: "They're attacking me / this naughty rhyme style actually / they got factories with little dolls named after me." Lyrics remain the focus on the unorthodoz "Green Island" as the multiple-personality technique perfected on last album's "Redman vs. Reggie Noble" is utilized. This time Uncle Quilly (another Redman personality) joins the other two in a quest for greenbacks, and Redman proves that the nearly-perfect skills that made him famous can improved on. The album really shines on "Cosmic Slop" which features Erick Sermon and Keith Murray on a lyrical tour through the cosmos. The hostile "We Run N.Y" also stands out as Redman and Hurricane G create lyrical havoc by bringing true East Coast flava from a male/female perspective... Dare... is definitely a piece of art which causes one to suppress reality as the mind travels into the mysterious world of the unknown. Redman is without a doubt on some 'ole next shit coming with the same attitude that blew your mind on the last LP. Most artists are afraid to experiment, or express views that are not the norm, but on Dare Iz A Darkside, Redman challenges himself to shatter the limits of lyrical, mental and funkadelic illness - and he succeeds." - The Source, January 1995. Read the full review below...

Dare is an underrated album in Redman's classic catalog.