January 31, 2015

Double Life "Revolutions" (12", 1997)

I've been speaking off and on to Gennessee for well over a decade about Double Life and Street Reportas. I first posted about this 12" in '05-06 when conversations switched from message boards to personal blogs. 10 years later, I'm trying to write this from memory so apologies in advance if I mess up any of the details. Gennessee The Chosen Son was originally from Brooklyn, but relocated and connected with L*Roneous on the West Coast, where they ultimately became the group we now know as Double Life (with Raw B on the cuts). Their first 12" was self-released in 1997 on their Raw Elements label. The "Revolutions" 12" got a lot of love on college radio back here in NY, and I can still vaguely hear the instrumental to "Revolutions" (produced by Animation) playing in the background as Stretch & Bobbito talked their shit.  Also on the 12" were B-Side bangers in "No Limitations" and "Regiments," which were both produced by DJ Zeph. Gen has long teased an album or two from Double Life, and I've always been inclined to believe it's coming, because he did re-issue the Street Reportas' "America Undercover" EP some years back. Quick props to DJ Paul Nice, who played a facilitating role in Gen's career, as well; you can dig up a copy of their 12" on Bomb Hip-Hop Records with A.G. & DJ Babu called "Definition of Nice." That was a tight underground scene on the West Coast, a lot of key players had radio shows and were flexing incredible skills as DJs, producers & freestyle lyricists. I wish I would have made it to the West Coast at that time, just to experience it firsthand. I'll be sure to discuss the Street Reportas & the Double Life "Live in San Francisco" audio from 1997 one day soon too. If you're not aware of all the amazing production credits Gen has stacked up over the years, dig dig dig. Apologies to anyone I forgot that were in the mix at the time; in the end it's about the music. I encourage everyone to dig and follow the breadcrumbs. Lastly, love to Pizza Wagon around the corner from 86th Steet on 5th Ave in Brooklyn, New York.