July 03, 2014

Timeless Truth "Dominican Diner" (EP Stream)

Timeless Truth are two brothers (Oprimie39 & Superbad Solace) from Queens, New York. When you examine the geographical pinpoints of the development of Hip-Hop you come to understand how Queens is a critical incubator for the culture. The music, the art and the style of striving, struggling working class folks, along with a multi-ethnic population of Queens are the factors in creating a group such as Timeless Truth. Their perspectives are grounded in the reality of the hardwork required to make a living in the world's greatest city. "Dominican Diner" is dedicated to everyone who reps their culture unabashedly. To Queens, NYC, ‘Lo heads, vintage gear addicts, graff writers, and hip-hop fans all over the globe. The EP is entirely produced by Fafu and features guest appearances from Eliki and Maffew Ragazino.  Listen to the Dominican Diner EP below.