July 16, 2014

Fat Joe "This Shit Is Real" (DJ Premier Remix, 1994)

Represent was the debut studio album from Fat Joe, then known as Fat Joe da Gangsta. The first two singles to promote the album were "Flow Joe," produced by Diamond D, then "Watch The Sound," also produced by Diamond D, who features on the record alongside Grand Puba. The third single was "The Shit Is Real," originally produced by The Beatnuts and later remixed by DJ Premier. The famous remix would push Fat Joe to new heights in his career and land on his classic sophomore album, "Jealous One's Envy," in 1995. For an interview with Complex, Fat Joe recalls, “He (DJ Premier) threw me for a loop because when I was like, ‘I want you to do the remix for this,’ the beat was slow. It didn’t sound like a Premo beat. If you heard it, you would be like, ‘Yo, Premo ain’t do this.’ I remember we were all sitting in front of the projects, and I played it loud, and by the second or third time I heard it, I was like, ‘This shit is crazy!’ So I got excited ... We shot the video for that version and all that. That shit was hard. It’s probably the hardest record I ever did in my whole career. And the whole shit was real. That was the whole point. I shot the video in my neighborhood, in my building, and in my projects. All over the hood. I always represented." Watch the video below.