July 19, 2014

Stretch & Bobbito "The B-Side #2: DJ Premier & Jeru" (1996)

Bobbito has said, "The B-side show, if I remember correctly, only happened these three times. It was sort of an experiment to get me and Stretch on more prime time, during Angie's weekday evening slot. It went over well with everyone. It was kind of like a showcase of anticipated albums from artists who were known from our corner of the world. I think that'd be like 8pm to 9pm? I don't really remember (the time slot). Our Sunday, 'Boogie and the Barber', show on Hot 97 was from 11pm to 1am." This - right here - is the second show, with DJ Premier and Jeru The Damaja as guests, promoting their second collaborative album, "Wrath of Math," in 1996 on Payday Records.