July 15, 2014

DJ Superix "Dreams Of 1992" (Mix)

At the time this mix was originally released, the 2012 Summer Olympics were being held in London, UK. In tribute, DJ Superix rewound to one of his favorite times in both Olympic and musical history with his ‘Dreams Of 1992’ mix. "As you can see, the cover pretty much explains all you need to know about the incredible music that soundtracked the year that The Dream Team went to Barcelona – now 20+ years ago. From Mary J. Blige to Naughty By Nature to Gang Starr to Michael Jackson to Jodeci to Pete Rock & CL Smooth and the rest, this was the Hip-Hop and R&B Dream Team of the age, and these are just some of the tracks that defined 1992, a truly amazing year in music! This mix is 100% jams from front to back." Artwork this creative, you know you wanna hear this mix!