June 27, 2020

Small Professor "A Jawn Supreme" (Instrumental Album)

"With an incredible and immense catalog of releases to date, Philly producer Small Professor compiled and remastered his favorite tracks into the stunning and unmissable 'A Jawn Supreme' project. Kicking off with Vol.1, the gifted beatsmith breathes new life into 12 tracks that now sound better than ever while also evoking timeless, unfortunate truths about our society. You can hear how this album reflects these days and times, especially during the hellscape that is 2020, on nearly every cut. But it’s particularly evident on standout single “wish cops would stop killing unarmed black people,” which Pro actually produced in 2015 following the death of Freddie Gray. “Unfortunately, this song continued being relevant as the months and years went by to the point of absurdity,” he says, adding that different and extreme changes to American ideas of policing and imprisonment need to occur for things to change. In addition to being a powerful statement, “wish cops…” is a testament to Pro’s talents as an artist. By interpolating Special Ed’s verse from the legendary track “Crooklyn,” he flips everything into an entirely new song, vocals and all. But even without words as his guide, tracks like “reflection” demonstrate that these aren’t mere “beats” or “loops” but fully realized songs with building emotions and layers." - Coalmine Records