Friday, June 30, 2017

Jay-Z "4:44" (Thoughts)

Finally, an album closer to what I've been wanting to hear from Jay-Z. Grown rap that I can learn and relate to, because for so long I felt like the Hustler Jay-Z was just flashing shine & creating more distance - being more offputting - with each release. This is a nice return to a golden era sound and delivery, more heavily lent to the messages in the music. Props to No I.D. on the production, Jay on many of the sample choices (I'm told). A thought that runs through my head: now that it's here, if the fans don't reward the effort; if accolades don't come ... do we risk admitting that there's no room for quality content in mainstream rap? Is that a harsh reality we'll have to face? Just like White America learned the night of the election, it had to face itself and see the choices the majority had made. I'm curious, but for now, just appreciating a quality album released by a mainstream artist, somehow that feels like he went against the grain, lol. As I think I've said enough, I realize that I don't have Tidal, don't use Apple, and I know it's not on Spotify, so ... DRATS. Google it, I guess? You already heard it, who am I kidding ... coulda skipped this whole post.