Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nolan The Ninja "F#ck The Hype" (EP Stream)

The title of Nolan the Ninja‘s EP, "F#ck the Hype" was conceived “due to a conscious decision made by Nolan, DJ Soko and Dart Adams” and serves as part concept project, part PSA. The idea behind the EP was to explore how far the music could travel organically without the need for a built-in hype machine; without the politics and bullshit – instead, focusing on what’s most important: the art. As someone who is somewhat relatively new to the “game,” Detroit emcee Nolan the Ninja’s campaign has proven fruitful, with hype built up at the cellular level through carefully crafted singles like “Clockers,” “Gusto” and “Deploi” featuring Phat Kat. The EP features Hassaan Mackey, Finale, Phat Kat and A-Minus, plus production from 5ynoT, DaG, Just Pieces & Jay P in addition to Nolan’s own production.. Stream it below. Props to Dart Adams and DJ Soko.