September 17, 2020

2Pac "Dead, But Still a Force" (9/17/06)

"I want to be in the future known as somebody," Shakur once said. "I want people to be talking about me, like, 'Remember when he was real bad?'" They're still talking. Unlike so many other rap stars, Shakur represented an actual character, instead of a caricature. "His messages were really strong and heartfelt, and he was a real person. He could go from saying 'Keep your head up' to using the word b--- in the next song," said Kanye West. "There was no box that he was put in, and he lived and died by what he said." Although just 25 when as assailant sprayed his car with bullets as he rode shotgun down a Las Vegas street, Shakur has been the subject of numerous books; film and stage productions have explored his colorful life; and college courses have dissected his songs, ranging from the player anthem "I Get Around" to the prophetic "How Long With They Mourn Me?" But why? Although some have anointed Shakur as the greatest rapper ever, largely due to his passion that could stir even casual listeners, the assessment is hardly universal. Others would give that title to The Notorious B.I.G., Shakur's foil who was killed months after Shakur. Others say Jay-z reigns supreme.... While other dead celebrities are celebrated as nostalgia acts for what they once represented, Shakur remains a vital presence in today's rap world. - 9/17/06 ... Continue reading below, and consider who is the G.O.A.T.... to YOU? Rest In Peace, Tupac Shakur. Hit the tags for more.